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Event coordinator for the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas.

Demo Eggs No Longer Available

The 2018 Athens Eggfest was a TREMENDOUS success! Thank you all those who cooked, tasted, and purchased Demo Eggs! Welcome to the brotherhood of Eggheads!

If you hesitated in your purchase, I’m so sorry to have to tell you that we are no longer selling Demos at the discounted price.

We sincerely hope to see you in 2019 at the Athens Eggfest!


Our 2018 Cooks included . . .

We’re very pleased to announce that the following teams will be joining us in 2018 . . .

BASSETT, Blake and HILL, Ian (Team: Smoken Products)

CARUTHERS, Tammie and Clay (“Tweety” and “Sylvester”)

COOK, Christopher and COOK, Kenneth (Team: Ferdinand)

ENGELING, Todd  (Team: 1Fienschmecker)


FORSHAGE, Allen (“Big Al”)

GAEDKE, Joan & Lloyd (“Austin Egghead” and “Taste Tester”) and GAEDKE, Tobin and Alex

GILLERT, Cadey (Team: Cousin Red)

HOFER, Darian & Lora (“Photo Egg” and “CrazyPezHead”)

HUNTER, Don & Gina (“Don Juan” and “Babe”)

KALAWE, Tony (“Flyin’ Hawaiian”) and KALAWE-DELACRUZ, Allison (“Alli”)

McARTHUR, Matt, FINKE, Justin, TINDALL, Tate, MONTGOMERY, Vivian, McARTHUR, Rebekah, and SEANEY, Dennis (&Team: Oak Wood Place)

McCALMONT, John and WEBER, Dave (Team: FishingCooks)

NABORS, John & Beverly (“BigJohn” and “Bev”)

MAY, Scott & Michelle (Team: Dancing Egg BBQ, “thecoiman” and “Dancing Egg”)

MOOREHEAD, Eric & Mary (“Big E” and Mary)

PATEL, Chet & Krish (Team: Doughballs)

POSPISIL, Zefrin & Ann ( “Mr. and Mrs. Popsicle”

ROTHSCHILD, Sylvan and HANLEY, Tom (Team: Sylvan’s Savory Slabs)

SANCHEZ, William & Ella (“Sancho65” and “Egger Too”)

SHAW, Rodney & Nicole (Team: Smokin’ Toads)

SIX, Ron and Tracy (Team: Six Egg)

TERRE, Dave (“Terrebandit”; Team: Cannonball King Cooking)

UNDERWOOD, Bruce & Kelley (“EggObsessed” and “No Joke Smoke”; Team: It’s My Rub!)

VAN BLARCUM, Hotch & Shelly (Team: Prosper Eggheads, “Hotch” and “Honey”)

VANDENBURG, James & Sugar (Team:

Another Athens Eggfest is History…

If you weren’t able to make it to the 8th Annual Athens Eggfest, you certainly missed a great event! Despite the wind, the weather was beautiful as 26 cooking teams churned out some of the best variety of food ever!

Thanks to those individuals who paid a $5 tasting fee, and the generous contributions of our sponsors, a considerable amount was raised to benefit the Friends of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center.

A special shout out of thanks go to all of our Egghead Cooks. These folks came from Texas to cook at their own expense. Relocation and illness kept a few of our regulars from attending and they certainly were missed (Spring Chicken, Spring Hen, Richard, and Charlotte), but everyone who was able to make it shared a wonderful time of comradery and fun. These folks are generous beyond compare and I am blessed to call each of them a friend.

One thing that makes our event so awesome is the hands on treatment we get from our sponsors.

  • Everyone at Morrison Supply shows up to help with questions, setup, distribution of Demo Eggs to their new owners, and even to cook. They are family to us and Ryan Campise is a very special friend!
  • Then, there are the folks from First State Bank. In addition to their sponsorship, these guys take event participation to a whole new level. They have cooked as a team in EVERY Eggfest since we began. Prior to the event, their staff team members get together for a taste testing event to determine their event menu. The day of the event, their team members bring a contagious enthusiasm that makes everyone’s event experience even more fun!
  • Brookshire’s provides backup support to us in the form of gift cards to our cooks to help them with their food costs. Manager, Dale Johnson also attended the event and kept an eye on the cooks to help bring supplies to them if needed.
  • This year, we added a new sponsor – Steve Grant Real Estate. They were so excited to be on board that they held an online contest to give away a large Big Green Egg setup!
  • The staff and volunteers of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center provide manpower that makes the event run smoothly. From setting up tents, assembling Demo Eggs, helping with any printed materials, and many other tasks, it’s very apparent that these guys are proud of their facility – and well they should be.

Finally, this event was made possible through the continued support of Chris Randall and the good people of Paragon Distributing. Chris, Greg, and Nick, you know we love you!

It’s not too early to mark your calendars NOW to attend the 9th Annual Athens Eggfest on Saturday, April 13th, 2019.  Registration will open in January 2019 for next year’s event. We hope to see you there!!!!

Facebook Contest to Win!!!

Steve Grant Real Estate is proud to be the newest sponsor of the 2018 Athens Eggfest. In support of the event, we will be awarding one lucky Facebook Follower a large Big Green Egg setup – complete with the BGE, a “nest”, and platesetter (Suggested retail value of $1,100.00).

Contest entries will be accepted through noon on Friday, April 13th, with the drawing to take place at noon on Saturday, April 14th during the event.

We invite you to attend the event and participate in the live drawing, though your presence is not required to win. To participate in the contest you must:

1) Like the Post found on Steve Grant Real Estate‘s Facebook page ; and
2) Tag a Facebook Friend in the Comments of the post

The winner must also agree to take delivery of their prize by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the event at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, or contact Steve Grant Real Estate by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17th to make other arrangements. DELIVERY OF THIS PRIZE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNER. Should the winner NOT identify themselves and claim their prize prior to April 17th, an alternate winner shall be selected.

GOOD LUCK and we hope to see you at the 2018 Athens Eggfest!!!

Welcome to the 2018 Athens Eggfest!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, along with the support of Morrison Supply and Paragon Distributing, will once again be hosting the Athens Eggfest, this coming April 14th.

The event will be held on the grounds of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas and will feature culinary delights as prepared by our seasoned Egghead Cooks.

A limited number of Demo Eggs will also be available for purchase immediately following the event.

To register as a COOK for the 2018 Athens Eggfest, please click HERE.

To reserve a DEMO EGG for your purchase, please click HERE after January 25th.