Our 2018 Cooks included . . .

We’re very pleased to announce that the following teams will be joining us in 2018 . . .

BASSETT, Blake and HILL, Ian (Team: Smoken Products)

CARUTHERS, Tammie and Clay (“Tweety” and “Sylvester”)

COOK, Christopher and COOK, Kenneth (Team: Ferdinand)

ENGELING, Todd  (Team: 1Fienschmecker)


FORSHAGE, Allen (“Big Al”)

GAEDKE, Joan & Lloyd (“Austin Egghead” and “Taste Tester”) and GAEDKE, Tobin and Alex

GILLERT, Cadey (Team: Cousin Red)

HOFER, Darian & Lora (“Photo Egg” and “CrazyPezHead”)

HUNTER, Don & Gina (“Don Juan” and “Babe”)

KALAWE, Tony (“Flyin’ Hawaiian”) and KALAWE-DELACRUZ, Allison (“Alli”)

McARTHUR, Matt, FINKE, Justin, TINDALL, Tate, MONTGOMERY, Vivian, McARTHUR, Rebekah, and SEANEY, Dennis (&Team: Oak Wood Place)

McCALMONT, John and WEBER, Dave (Team: FishingCooks)

NABORS, John & Beverly (“BigJohn” and “Bev”)

MAY, Scott & Michelle (Team: Dancing Egg BBQ, “thecoiman” and “Dancing Egg”)

MOOREHEAD, Eric & Mary (“Big E” and Mary)

PATEL, Chet & Krish (Team: Doughballs)

POSPISIL, Zefrin & Ann ( “Mr. and Mrs. Popsicle”

ROTHSCHILD, Sylvan and HANLEY, Tom (Team: Sylvan’s Savory Slabs)

SANCHEZ, William & Ella (“Sancho65” and “Egger Too”)

SHAW, Rodney & Nicole (Team: Smokin’ Toads)

SIX, Ron and Tracy (Team: Six Egg)

TERRE, Dave (“Terrebandit”; Team: Cannonball King Cooking)

UNDERWOOD, Bruce & Kelley (“EggObsessed” and “No Joke Smoke”; Team: It’s My Rub!)

VAN BLARCUM, Hotch & Shelly (Team: Prosper Eggheads, “Hotch” and “Honey”)

VANDENBURG, James & Sugar (Team: MyHometown.info)