Now a part of history . . .

Poster - Final, Smaller, Flat

Well the 2016 is now a part of history! Yet another HUGE success at 2016 Athens Eggfest!
A  HUGE thank you is extended to all who make this thing happen!!!!

  • Paragon Supply for making all of our Demo Eggs available!!
  • Morrison Supply for getting all the Eggs to the Athens event site, setting them up, and having them ready to fire up first thing Saturday morning.
  • Brookshire’s for helping with the gift cards for cooks..You guys dont know how much they appreciate these!
  • First State Bank of Athens for all their support and the cook team that puts out SOOOOO much food from 9am-3pm on event day.
  • The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center for letting us come in and take the place over and all the HELP from the maintenance team!
  • Matt Pittman with Meat Church for his cooking class….I know the people who attended this left as better cooks!
    32 cooking teams at the 2016 Athens Eggfest served about 1,300 guests and introduced them to this thing we all know as the BIG GREEN EGG! You guys ROCKED this place!!!!!!!!!


Please remember to mark your calendars to attend the 2017 Athens Eggfest to be held on Saturday, April 8th, 2017 at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, and remember to sign up on this website to receive all event updates!!


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